Project: Civil Works of Naimat Gas Plant Phase 5A and 5B (160 MMCFD).

Due to extensive experience in E&P industry, amidst GAS crisis UEP awarded us this project within a weeks’ time of bidding. On the 5th day of mobilization first concrete was poured. When it comes to executing projects in remote areas, we consider it as our forte to mobilize in least time as we have worked in 56 various cities/areas of Pakistan. The entire plant was fabricated in China and shipped, hence the precision had to be in least of the millimeters, especially anchor bolts. Our construction plan was based on the fabrication being done in China and their shipment dates. The project was not completely designed when the works were awarded, hence the planning had to be done in run time and meticulously. It was major milestone for all to complete the project in 90 Days.
We proudly present this project on our profile now as there are only couple of companies who have executed such project in Pakistan.