Project: EMAAR Pakistan – Construction Package -1 Grading and Allied Structures of 35 Hectare, Canyon Views Development, Islamabad.

This was our first project for Emaar. We had extensive experience in earth works which backed our claim to be most suitable contractor for the project. This project added to our repertoire of various stratas we have experienced working in. In addition to massive quantity of earth works (22 million Cft.) there were 4 culverts and 4 retaining walls resting on piles. It would not be wrong to say that these culverts were of the size of small bridges with as much as 12 meters of backfilling over them. The project was completed on fast track considering the COVID-19 setbacks faced by each and every industry. Strict protocols and measures were taken to keep all working on our site safe from Covid, resultantly there was not a single case at our site. Our hard work was rewarded by confidence shown by Emaar in our team and giving us further 2 more projects.