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Welcome to AMCORP Engineering & Construction (Pvt) Limited

AMCORP Engineering & Construction (Private) Limited formerly known as Al-Mumtaz Corporation, was established in 1965. With almost Five decades of vast experience in the construction business, AMCORP has undertaken various prestigious contracts and development ventures cemented together with our key commitment to quality construction and timely completions.

AMCORP's construction activities span the entire spectrum of building services. From institutional and office buildings to factories and industrial buildings, residential construction, gas stations, university buildings and hospitals. AMCORP has a large repertoire both in terms of type and size of construction projects. In addition to building projects AMCORP also has executed road works, air strip, flow lines, plant shutdowns, inlet manifold works and well sites.


To turn architectural concepts into realities through quality, innovation and commitment towards client satisfaction.


To exceed the expectations of every client through commitment to excellence, honesty, responsiveness and a personalized process, aiming at providing highest quality construction, through state of art construction management technology.


As we have never given slightest displeasure to our clients hence question of any arbitration and / or litigation does not arise.